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You will need to be logged into the account used to share PAfET information.  If you have done that and are still having trouble seeing the embedded information, please log out of all accounts by going to a Google Apps tab in your browser (e.g. Gmail, Drive, Google +), click on your name or face (depends on whether you have set up your Google Profile) and select Log Out from the pulldown menu.  Then log back in using only the account that you are using to access PAfET information.

Once logged in you will see a list of folders.  Each folder contains the interview video and a comments file.  It is not necessary to use the comments file, but it is there for you to easily share any comments that you would like to make to the review group.  When you click on the comments file it will open a read-only view.  If you wish to make comments, click the blue "Open" button in the bottom-right.  If you do wish to share your comments, please label them as yours.  

PAfET 2014