CST Programs

Instructional Technology Consulting

Dave Basener, our Instructional Technologist, is available to meet individually with faculty to address needs related to pedagogy and technology.  Dave also provides consulting to departments, including, but not limited to: specialized workshops, investigation of software solutions, and facilitating discussions with Information Services. Additionally, Dave works closely with the library faculty to provide technology support to faculty.


Open Classroom

New this spring! Each term we will ask a few faculty members to open up their classrooms to other faculty who wish to observe a particular teaching technique in action. Those we are lining up for the first two terms of the program are faculty who have presented in our Lunchtime Seminar Series on student learning and engagement.


Teaching Partners

This program is offered to full-time and part-time instructors as part of the New Faculty Orientation.  Faculty members are paired and do reciprocal non-evaluative observations in one an others classrooms.


We offer a variety of workshops throughout the year.  These include the regular Lunchtime Seminar Series that focuses primarily on student learning and engagement, and the new Faculty Enhancement Workshop Series focusing on instructional technology.  Additional workshops occur throughout the year, often in collaboration with other offices.


AoK Assessment Workshops

The CST has provided workshops to assist faculty with assessment of AoK courses in the Elmhurst College Integrated Curriculum. Workshops provide guidance for assessing the learning outcomes for the AoKs and help with using the reporting tool to report the results to the Assessment Board. Programs for individual departments are available upon request.


Mentoring and Individual Consulting

The Faculty Development Program at Elmhurst College has a long history of providing mentors to pre-tenure faculty upon request.  Mentors are generally mid-career or senior faculty from a related field.  The mentor's role is to give feedback and guidance to the mentee without the added pressure of evaluation.  There is no formal time commitment.  If you are interested in being matched with a mentor, consult with the CST director.

The Center provides individual consulting upon request.  This may take many forms, such as arranging a classroom visit by an experienceed teacher, providing feedback regarding student ratings, or matching you with a mentor to help develop a new teaching approach or technique.  The director and FDC members are also available for consultation regarding the grant application  process, including grant parameters/restrictions and general feedback on applicatications.