Faculty-Student Summer Collaboration Proposal Guidelines for 2017-2018

I. Cover Page:  The cover page should include:

  1. Project Title
  2. Name of Applicant(s) and Department(s)
    • Include Student name and e-number.
  3. Total Amount Requested with Grant Program Name(s)
  4. Project summary about 1/2 page in length.

II. Narrative: Describe the project in 1200-2500 words. Remember that your audience will include faculty members outside your discipline so it is important to describe your project and its significance in some detail. Within the narrative, include the following four items:

  1. Background/Current Situation: Describe the current situation in the area addressed in the proposal and identify the need this project addresses. Provide a detailed context for your planned project.
  2. The Project Plan: Describe, in detail, the project to be undertaken. Discuss clearly the goals of the project, the strategies to be used in achieving the goals, and the expected outcomes of the work. The proposal will be strongest when the relationship to the mission of the College and/or the link to the applicant's ongoing scholarship are identified.
  3. Time line: Include a detailed time line of activities that are to be carried out during the project. Include the applicant's other formal commitments, including teaching and other major projects, that will be in place during completion of the project. While it is envisioned that the work will be done during the summer and that the faculty will not be teaching at the time, cases may be successfully made for other situations.
  4. Plans for Evaluation and Dissemination: The proposal must include a section on how the project will be evaluated for success. This will vary with the project, but references to the specific outcomes of the project are expected. Plans to disseminate the project outcomes or findings to the College community and to regional and/or national audiences must be included.

III. Budget: Itemize how the funds will be allocated and total them, not to exceed $6000. 

  • List the names of the Faculty member and student along with the amount of stipend requested.  If the proposal includes multiple students, students working part-time on the project, or more than one faculty member, clearly indicate this here.   Note, the student stipend must be at least 50% of the total grant amount requested (up to $3000).
  • Faculty funds may be used for faculty stipends, travel for the purpose of research or dissemination, consumable supplies, student stipends, secretarial assistance, software, research participants, etc.
  • Any equipment purchased will be the property of Elmhurst College.
  • Personal copies of books and media are not allowed under this program.  College owned books and media may be requested through the grant program by allocating funds in this budget.  In this case, the grantee will consult with the A.C. Buehler Library to acquire needed materials.  If you require personal copies, you should increase your stipend request accordingly.
  • If other grant funds are being sought or have been accepted for this project, list them here.

IV. Expertise: Discuss the expertise that the faculty member has to carry out the project and the student’s level of preparation. Information on the student’s educational background, major, GPA, expected date of graduation, and class standing (sophomore, junior, senior) should be included. List relevant publications and presentations.

V. Current and Previous Grants: List the amounts and dates of the faculty member's most recent grant awards.

VI. Human Subjects: If you are using human subjects, please indicate the status of IRB approval/review. If you are not using human subjects, this section may be omitted.

VII. Contact Information: Include email address and telephone number(s) for the faculty member and student.  Also include ID number, email address, telephone number(s), and mailing address for the student.

The completed proposal should be submitted electronically as one single pdf file to Brittany Ruiz (brittany.ruiz@elmhurst.edu) with "Research Grant Submission" in the subject line.

Completed proposals are due no later than Monday, February 20th, 2017.