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Intercultural Curriculum Grants

Call for Intercultural Curriculum Grants

2016-2017 Guidelines & Application

Due: Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

The Dean of Faculty and The Center for Scholarship and Teaching are co-sponsoring faculty development grants for Intercultural Curriculum projects to members of the full-time faculty who have completed an Intercultural Workshop offered by Intercultural Faculty Development or who have participated in intercultural experiences external to the College offerings. Faculty members who have completed a Values Development Tagging workshop are also eligible. 

This small program is designed to encourage the inclusion of intercultural material into the curriculum.  Under this grant program, faculty may request funding to support intercultural course development activities.   Allowable projects include: proposing a new course with an intercultural component, making changes to an existing course to add intercultural content, or modifying a course's intercultural content to make it suitable for ECIC.    In all cases, the funding focus is on the inclusion of new intercultural content into the curriculum.

Proposals may request funding up to $750.  Funds may be used for a stipend, travel for the purpose of faculty development, supplies, software, and other course-development related expenses (see below). 

Grantees are expected to:

  1. For new courses or courses adding ECIC requirements as a result of the incorporation of new intercultural content:  Propose new or modified course to Academic Council and ECIC by the October 2017 course proposal deadline;
  2. All projects:  Submit a short progress report by June 1, 2018 that indicates the current status of the course, including approval status and any current or planned offerings.
  3. Attend an annual luncheon where grantees share their proposed curricular innovations.

Applications will be judged on quality of the proposal, the strength of the intercultural component, the need for support for the curriculum changes proposed, and the benefits of the course or course modifications to the college.  The Faculty Development Committee will review applications and make recommendations to the Dean.  Award grant funding is through the Dean of Faculty’s office. 

For more information contact Kimberly Lawler-Sagarin, Director of the Center for Scholarship and Teaching at x3202. 

Intercultural Curriculum Grants are due Wednesday, March 15th, 2017. 

(Note: The Faculty Summer Research Grant Program now includes the consideration of intercultural research grants.  That deadline is February 20th, 2017.  This structural change is related to the way funds are allocated for research and intercultural grants. ) 

The completed proposal should be submitted electronically, as one single pdf file, to Brittany Ruiz, brittany.ruiz@elmhurst.edu, administrative assistant for CST with the subject line Intercultural Curriculum Grant Submission.

To apply, follow the guidelines below.

Intercultural Curriculum Development Grant Proposals

I. Cover Page:  The cover page should include:

  1. Project Title
  2. Name of Applicant(s) and Department(s) 
  3. Contact Information (phone ext., e-mail, campus box.)
  4. Total Amount Requested with Grant Program Name
  5. Is this an existing or proposed General Education course? (Describe current and proposed ECIC status.)

II. Narrative (500-1000 words suggested):
  1. Briefly describe the proposed course or course revisions.
    • For current courses, please include the current course syllabus (abbreviated, please) or content outline in the narrative.
    • For new courses, please provide a draft outline of likely course content.
  2. Discuss specifically how the new course or changes to the course will enrich students’ intercultural learning.
  3. Briefly discuss how the course will contribute to offerings in your department and the college. Please include the likely audience and how often you expect to offer the course.
  4. Please provide evidence of curricular change support for your proposal by the Department Chair, Program Director, and/or Dean of Faculty.
III. Budget:
  1. How do you plan to use the funds?  Please list anticipated costs. (Max $750)
    • Funds may be used for a stipend, travel for the purpose of faculty development, supplies, software, and other course-development related expenses. 
    • Any equipment purchased will be the property of Elmhurst College.
    • Personal copies of books and media are not allowed under this program.  College owned books and media may be requested through the grant program by allocating funds in this budget.  In this case, the grantee will consult with the A.C. Buehler Library to acquire needed materials.  If you require personal copies, you should increase your stipend request accordingly.
  2. If other grant funds are being sought or have been accepted for this project, list them here.
IV. Faculty Background:
  1. When (and where) did you attend an Intercultural Workshop, Tagging Workshop and/or significant intercultural experiences, course work, etc.?
  2. List the amounts and dates of your three most recent grant awards, if applicable.

Successful applicants are expected to process the proposal through the formal course proposal approval process. Recipients will be expected to offer and teach the course if the course is approved.