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International Faculty Development Grant

International Faculty Development Grants

Call for Proposals for International Faculty Development Grants

Due: Monday, February 10th, 2014

CPE: International and The Center for Scholarship and Teaching are co-sponsoring faculty development grants for International Curriculum Development, International Faculty Development Seminars or International Research to members of the faculty who are committed to increasing the international content of their courses or developing a new study away experience for students.

Grantees are expected to:

  1. Develop a sound, feasible course development or research plan; 
  2. Show how the research, seminar or travel will be incorporated into your course; 
  3. Attend an annual luncheon where grantees share their proposed curricular innovations and/or research;
  4. Propose new course to your department and the Academic Council within two years of receiving the grant or present revised syllabus of existing course within six months of the grant.                                                                                                                                           

For more information contact Wally Lagerwey, Director of IE at x3604 or Kimberly Lawler-Sagarin, Director of the Center for Scholarship and Teaching at x3202. The Director of the Center for Scholarship and Teaching, the Director of International Education and the Faculty Development Committee will review applications and make recommendations to the Dean. Applications will be judged on quality of the proposed curricular innovation. The completed proposal should be submitted electronically to Kimberly Lawler-Sagarin (ksagarin@elmhurst.edu).

To apply, follow the guidelines below.

I.    Cover Page

        1.     Project Title

        2.    Name of Applicant(s) and Department(s)

        3.     Total Amount Requested

        4.    Contact Information (phone ext., e-mail, campus box.)

        5.   Indicate the kind of course you are working on—ECIC, major, elective

II.    Narrative: Describe the course and proposed activities by addressing the following items in one to three pages, not including the syllabus:

        1.     A description of the course to be modified or developed

        2.     A sample syllabus indicating when and where the proposed travel fits in the overall course design

        3.     The specific travel site(s) to be included

        4.     A rationale for the specific value the travel component has to the content of the course and how it will enhance student learning outcomes

        5.     A list of the benefits of such a course to students and the institution

        6.     The dates for proposing the course and how it might relate to ECIC

III.    Budget:  Include a preliminary budget indicating how the requested funds will be spent (Prinz grants are limited to $2000 and International Education grants to $2500)

IV.    Faculty Expertise:  Include a recent CV